Learn to build applications with Django, Next.js, and more.

Django Crash Course

This course is for people who've never used Django before or for absolute beginners. In the course you will learn the basics of Django by building a simple real estate website.



Understanding authentication is one of, if not the most important concept to understand in web development/software development.


Security in Django

Security in software is a must-have in today's world. In this course, we'll be going through most of the essential concepts to make your Django application secure.


Build an Automated Web Scraper

In this course, you'll be improving your full-stack developer kit by building an automated web scraper using Selenium and Celery. You'll be combining a lot of different technologies and deploying the project to Digital Ocean.


Testing and CI/CD

Testing is an integral part of software development, yet most of the time neglected. In this course, you'll learn how to test your Django applications and setup CI/CD pipelines.


Build a Gumroad Clone

In this course, you will build a clone of Gumroad is a place where creators can sell their digital products and get paid. We will use Stripe Payments and Stripe Connect to handle accept payments and sending payouts to all the creators.


Deploy Django

Learn the basics of deploying Django with the most popular PaaS options available. Including Digital Ocean App Platform, Render and Heroku.


Introduction to React

In this course you will learn how to use ReactJS to build dynamic and functional frontend applications. You'll learn how to make requests to APIs and integrate data into the application. If you've never used React before, this course is suitable for you.


Django Rest Framework for Beginners

The Django Rest Framework is one of the most powerful Django packages available, and an awesome skill to add to your toolbelt. Learn the basics of how to use this package to build fully featured APIs


Build a Django Developer Marketplace

In this course you will build a product we are launching this year - a marketplace to find Django developers. This will be a more advanced course where you will use NextJS on the frontend and Django Rest Framework on the backend.