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Topics covered

Learn from the basics through to the most advanced sections, in an easy-to-follow roadmap

Understand the essentials of Django

Models, Views, Templates, Forms, URLs and more

Build basic CRUD applications

Like blogs, notepads and todo apps.

Understand security concepts

Like sessions, middleware and user types

Build powerful applications

Leverage popular API's like Stripe to power-up your Django project

Learn how to evaluate third-party packages

Django-allauth, DRF and many others

Django deployment essentials

Use cloud services like AWS, Digital Ocean and Heroku

How to build Rest APIs

Master the Django Rest Framework

Integrate asynchronous task handlers

Technologies such as Celery and Redis

Dockerize your project

Learn everything to know about dockerizing Django

Testing and CI/CD

Using Pytest, GitHub actions and more

Build more complex frontends

Integrate JavaScript, Vue and React the right way

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