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Learn by doing. Here you will build real-world projects from scratch.

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These are the skills you will gain

From the basics to deployment and building full-stack applications.

  • The essentials of Django. (Models, Views, Templates, Forms, URLs)

  • How to build basic CRUD applications like blogs, notepads and todo apps

  • Security concepts like sessions, middleware and user types

  • How to evaluate third-party packages

  • How to deploy a Django project on cloud services such as AWS, Digital Ocean and Heroku

  • How to build a Rest API with the Django Rest Framework

  • How to integrate with technologies such as Docker, Celery and Redis

  • How to run tests and setup a CI/CD pipeline

  • How to integrate with React and build full stack applications

Frequently asked questions

The difference is that this website provides a 'roadmap' that guides you in an ordered and structured way of learning. The concepts covered contain everything you need to know to become a professional Django developer, most of which is not taught in the YouTube videos.

Education matters to us. Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts yet for education users, but we are working on it.

Yes you can manage your subscription on your profile. There you can change your plan at any time.

Yes. We have a free trial for one week that gives you a taste of the courses and learning platform.

Yes. For further information, please get in touch.

Most courses are using version 2.2 which is an LTS version. Newer courses are being made with version 3.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your billing settings in your profile.

Once you have enrolled, we will send you an invite to join Slack. The signup process takes less than two minutes and once your account is setup, you can login to Slack online, or use their native applications.

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