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Become a better Django developer

We get it, learning Django is difficult. But it shouldn't be. Here we provide all the resources you need to become an awesome Django developer.

Who is this for?
  • Programmers (from beginners to advanced)

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Anyone willing to learn a new skill

What you need to get started

Just a computer, an internet connection and a will to learn :)

Learn in different forms

We provide two main methods of learning.

Follow a structured roadmap that guides you from the beginning of your development journey through incrementally more complex topics. Or take a short course and learn a skill any time

What you'll be learning
  • Understand what Django is and isn't

  • Understand how to create web apps using Django

  • Master Django in development with Visual Studio Code

  • Master Django in deployment with services such as AWS and Digital Ocean

  • Master integrating Django with frontend languages and libraries such as React

A few of the available courses

Python for People Who Don't Know What They're Doing

This course is for people who are new to programming with Python. We focus on teaching the absolute basics of the language.

JavaScript for beginners

This course takes an absolute beginner through the basic concepts of JavaScript. From variables to DOM manipulation, start your journey here!

Django Crash Course

This course is for those who'd like to see what Django is all about. We cover the basics of creating a simple CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) blog app.

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Here's what you'll get

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Access all courses and roadmaps


Access all courses and roadmaps


Can I cancel my subscription after enrolling?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. By navigating to your profile -> billing, there is a button showing 'cancel subscription'. This will stop any future payments from occurring.

What courses can I expect?

Besides the courses that already exist here on the site, we have created a timeline showing what new courses will be uploaded througout the next month.

Is there a student discount?

Unfortunately there is currently no student discount. However, if you are part of our mailing list (simply signup to join the list), you will receive updates for our promotions and discounts.